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This goes for anything you will be wearing nail polish, shoes, undies etc #theManyShadesOfNude #nude #peopleneedtoknow!

Maybe it’s just me..
I mean the few ppl I did see with this hair seemed to think it was ok.
But I didn’t even get to install it.

1. This is how it came, pretty just like the picture
2. After I wet it and co-washed it , tried to use a paddle brush on it and applied my kinky curly “knot today” It was very tangly and I could not run my fingers through it.
3. After it dried. 😑 no curls just a “nappy” mess. And I have no problem w/nappy hair but that’s not what I wanted.
4. After I tried to unravel the tracks and attempt one more time to revive the hair. There is absolutely nothing I can so with this other then to throw it in the trash 😩 #aluxehair
P.s I asked for 24 inches and only got 20.


every fucking day

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What y’all think? Always thought we looked related Lol didn’t even need much make up #makeuptransformation #transformationchallenge #b2k #lilfizz #lol

#fauxlocs #fauxdreads I like it.

Good night ✌️


Natural Heaven!!

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Bitch whet? Lol

Uh! 😩😍



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Looks like something off of tumblr. 🍍🍉🍓🍋 #detoxwater #vosswater #bosswater #fruitwater #pretty


Ohmgee he is so cute